21st January 2022 

About Counselling and Psychotherapy


Counselling is about expressing and sharing your feelings and emotions in a safe, non-judgemental, empathic environment.

Counselling offers you an opportunity to have someone listen to your concerns or difficulties.By talking through your problems with a counsellor, you may deepen your understanding and develop alternative ways of dealing with your particular situation.The process encourages you to think about your experiences and your relationships so that you can explore patterns of behaviour and the issues that are important to you, and consider how change might come about.

Counselling is about enabling you to make positive changes in the way you think, feel, and/or behave.
Learning to feel better about yourself , learning to accept particular situations and recognising the need to adapt to it, learning to be more assertive, gaining a deeper understanding of a problem, making a decision and feeling less confused about an issue, all constitute potentially positive changes.

One emphasis in counselling is to enable you to clarify your values , i.e. what is most important to you.It is possible that someone who is fairly clear about his/her values may be more able to make decisions. As it is not possible to do everything well because there is always more to do,priorities need to be chosen, therefore values are a good basis for choosing them; it might be helpful for values to be reflected in behaviour.

During the sessions the counsellors are empathic,genuine,respectful, warm and honest within the settings and boundaries of counselling.

Short Term & Long Term Counselling:

Short term work can be up to 30 where we look at specific issues such as Anger, Anxiety, Loss and Bereavement, Depression,Stress, Difficulties with Relationships , Shame , Guilt, Exams worries, Low self esteem and others.

Longer term work is more in depth therapy and is often open ended . It will be suitable for the above difficulties as well as for issues or difficulties surrounding Eating disorders, Child abuse, Sexual abuse and other Trauma and Couples work